1. Who needs BulletData’s  encryption service?
    Businesses who are serious about securing and protecting their company and customer’s data from, advertisers, hackers and local ISP’s; now legally authorized to mine and capture your data. Also businesses needing to maintain privacy of phone calls while using a VOIP phone system.Those interested in protecting their personally identifiable information and internet activities from legal data mining without permissions.(April 2017, Congress nullified FCC rules which gave consumers the power to decide how internet providers could use and share their data. Public Law 115-22)
  2. How can Xcorpeon™ cypher protect my data?
    Xcorpeon™ cypher prevents anyone on the same network access point (or anywhere else) from intercepting your data in a “man-in-the middle” attack. This is especially advantageous for business or personal use at home. Xcorpeon™ cypher also hides your computer’s actual IP address, making it harder for hackers to track you online.
  3. If websites, like many for paying bills, are secure, why do I need extra data protection?
    While the websites themselves may be secure, the pathway of information to and from the site is not. Approximately 56% of bills are paid online, via a bank or third-party website. Bill pay traffic creates a lot of opportunity for thieves to access vulnerable data. Xcorpeon™ cypher can encrypt and protect your data while it transits across the internet.
  4. Does an identity protection subscriptions not protect my data?
    Those services, while helpful, basically act as monitors of your information contained in your personal credit profiles; alerting you when your information is used or fraud has already occurred, and helping you deal with the aftermath.  Xcorpeon™ cypher gives you proactive protection securing your data as it circulates through cyberspace. BulletData offers active, preemptive security,  for your data.
  5. How does Xcorpeon™ cypher work?
    Xcorpeon™ cypher uses AES 256 encryption, this packages and locks your data, continuously changing the key throughout transit.
  6. How are Xcorpeon™ cypher Suite of Services installed?
    We will work with your IT specialists to professionally install  Xcorpeon™ cypher.  It’s a physical device integrated into your network. Xcorpeon™ cypher offers protection without the need to load or maintain software on every computer.
  7. Does Xcorpeon™ cypher provide malware protection?
    Xcorpeon™ cypher participates in a secure network of intrusion prevention and detection systems capable of real-time traffic analysis of both known and potential malware.
  8. Is it true that VOIP service is not encrypted?
    Yes that is true. The fact is that with Xcorpeon™ cypher your conversation becomes private. Our VOIP service is installed with   Xcorpeon™ cypher .