Xcorpeon™ cypher “Suite of Services”

  • Xcorpeon™ cypher participates in a secure network of intrusion prevention and detection systems capable of real-time traffic analysis of both known and potential malware. Our methods of malware prevention, eliminates the loading of software on all computers on your network. These methods ensure the most up to the minute data of known and potential malware. 
  • Xcorpeon™ cypher becomes your networks static IP address. This service alone is a cost saving. 
  • Xcorpeon™ cypher has the capability of being configured to switch automatically to a backup ISP if your business needs 24/7 internet connectivity.  There will be no need to call in your IT department or outside IT Company for costly overtime. 
  • Xcorpeon™ cypher prevents hacking, DDoS and DoS attacks on your network.   
  • Xcorpeon™ cypher data encryption happens when packets entering and leaving your private local area network will be placed into secure virtual envelopes, that are encrypted via an AES 256 bit encryption layer that utilizes a process that rolls the keys every 30 seconds. What this means is that every 30 seconds the key that opens the door to your data are in turn changed every 30 seconds, thereby protecting your data as it is in transit from your site to the Appropriate Data Center, service provider, internet exchange point or other style Internet handoff, thus inhibiting hackers, local access and middle mile service providers ability to intercept, mine or otherwise sell your data to third parties.

When the unencrypted or lightly encrypted response returns from the source or destination  provider, such provider then uses the return address previously provided on the secure virtual envelope sending the data packet back thru the Xcorpeon network and in turn is re-encrypted, prior to being transmitted back across the middle mile and local access networks and in turn, your site where it is de-encrypted and handed off to your local network.

You get the above services and more for one low  monthly rate. 

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