Jim Killinger, President of BulletData has over 30 years experience as a Broadcast Engineer for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Sky Latin America and WCTV Chief Engineer/ Project Manager.

He has worked in a variety of technical settings over the past 30+ years and his knowledge of Network systems has significantly broadened.

Over the years He has had to deal with network security on a daily basis. As technology changed he had to change with it and network security moved to the front of the job.

In 2017 he partnered with Kraig Behan of Enquity Technologies and started BulletData. Kraig is the developer of  Xcorpeon cypher™ Suite of Services BulletData’s premier product. 

Kraig Behan is one of the top Network  Engineers in the country. His vast knowledge of the internet and its workings led him to the development of   Xcorpeon cypher™ Suite of Services. Kraig saw a need for his customers data security because of the outdated methods used for securing data when in transit across the internet. Kraig developed an AES 256 encryption method that can protect your data from attacks while in transit. There is no other method like this in today’s cybersecurity landscape.